Winlock Sends ‘Letter of Intent’ to Terminate Police Contract with Toledo

By Natalie Johnson /

New Winlock Mayor Don Bradshaw has sent a “letter of intent” to the city of Toledo this week announcing his intention to recreate the Winlock Police Department, but asked during Monday night’s Winlock City Council meeting that the involved parties not discuss the matter at all until he has received a formal reply from Toledo.

However, The Chronicle obtained the letter early Tuesday morning through a public records request from Toledo.

“This letter is to officially notify the city of Toledo of Winlock’s intentions to pursue restoring the Winlock Police Department and the subsequent termination of the interlocal agreement with Toledo for law enforcement services,” the letter reads. “We will be presenting the information we gather to the Winlock City Council for a final decision.”

The letter, dated Jan. 2, was signed by Bradshaw.

Winlock has contracted with Toledo to provide police services since 2015.

Toledo Clerk Michelle Whitten confirmed the letter was received Monday by Toledo. However, speculation has been ramping up on social media about the letter and its contents for several days.

Toledo Police Chief John Brockmueller mentioned that he received the letter at Monday’s city council meeting, but Bradshaw stopped him before he could comment further.

“I won’t wish to discuss that publicly until I get your response, that’s just fair,” Bradshaw said. “We will do this, as I said, in accordance with the contract in an orderly fashion.”

Brockmueller said the letter of intent will not change the work his department does in Winlock.

“My intention is to continue the level of service that you’re getting,” he said.