Winlock Mayor Says Council Will Vote on Police Chief When Ready

While Winlock Mayor Don Bradshaw told The Chronicle last week that he would likely ask the Winlock City Council to vote on a candidate for police chief Monday night, the item was not on the agenda.

“When the council’s ready, we’ll do it,” Bradshaw said when asked when the council would appoint a chief to lead Winlock’s Police Department after a more than two-year lapse.

 Winlock Formally Announces Plan to Recreate Police Department, Withdraw From Toledo Contract

Bradshaw announced an intention to reform the Winlock Police Department, which was disbanded in 2015, when he took office in January. Winlock has contracted with Toledo for police services since mid 2015.

On Feb. 27, Winlock sent a letter written by attorney Samuel Satterfield to Toledo giving a timeline for the city’s withdrawal from the policing contract requiring a new chief to be in place by April in Winlock and the two police departments to operate separately by the end of June.

 Former Toledo Mayor: Ignore Winlock Letter on Plans to End Police Contract

The Winlock City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. March 26.