Warrants Issued for Idaho, Oregon Suspects in Theft From Chehalis Business

By The Chronicle

Warrants have been issued for two suspects accused of stealing more than $13,000 using forged checks from a Chehalis business after they failed to appear for their first hearings in the case on Wednesday.

Alonzo J. Boardman, 56, of Boise, Idaho, and William G. Street, 24, of Gresham, Ore., were each charged late last year in Lewis County Superior Court with one count of first-degree theft and three counts of forgery. 

They were sent summonses to appear out of custody at a preliminary hearing Wednesday, but they didn’t show up. 

According to court documents, Chehalis police received a report of a theft in May 2017 from Cascade Trader in Chehalis. 

The victim reported seven checks drawing from Cascade Trader’s bank account were in question. Two suspects, Boardman and Street, cashed the checks in their name and gave their driver’s license numbers to bank tellers.

The checks were not from Cascade Trader, but were used to draw $13,906.61 from the business’s account.

Video transactions from the banks where the checks were cashed identified Boardman and Street, according to court documents. 

No-bail warrants were issued.