Three Lewis County Men Charged With Separate Violent Assaults Against Women

By Natalie Johnson /

Three Lewis County men were charged Tuesday in Lewis County Superior Court with alleged violent assaults against women.

Michael W. Thomas, 31, of Chehalis, was charged Tuesday in Lewis County Superior Court with second-degree assault by strangulation. The charge is related to an incident that was reported more than a year ago. However, charges were not filed until this year. 

On Feb. 23, 2016, Chehalis police officers responded to the 200 block of Northwest State Avenue after getting a report of an assault, according to court documents. 

The alleged victim told officers Thomas assaulted her a few days before. 

She told police he punched her in the stomach, then grabbed her by the throat.

A witness reported that Thomas choked the victim while shouting that the victim once threatened to kill him when he was 7, according to court documents. 

In court Tuesday, Deputy Prosecutor Paul Masiello asked for $100,000 bail, citing a previous conviction for second-degree assault, after a series of outbursts from Thomas.

Thomas repeatedly asserted that he does “not recognize the federal government,” among other statements. 

Gerald L. Harris, 53, of Mineral, was also charged Monday with second-degree assault, domestic violence and possession of methamphetamine. 

Toynbee set bail at $75,000 in accordance with a request from the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office after Masiello listed Harris’ criminal history, including 30 cases that have gone to warrant, and recent convictions for theft and harassment. 

On Monday, deputies from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an assault in the 100 block of Washington Street in Mineral. 

According to court documents, deputies met with the alleged victim, who had two black eyes, a possibly broken nose and blood on her clothing and hands.

She reportedly told deputies Harris became angry when she invited friends over to their home. She reported that he grabbed her by the throat and punched her twice in the face.  

Deputies detained Harris and reportedly found a bag containing a substance identified as methamphetamine in his possession. 

“He does believe he’s the victim in this case,” said attorney Rachael Tiller, representing Harris at his first hearing. 

Kyle J. Pelletier, 19, a transient, was also charged Tuesday with second-degree assault, along with one count of residential burglary. 

He also believes himself to be the victim, Tiller said. 

According to court documents, law enforcement received a report of an assault in Lewis County by Pelletier against a woman he had once been in a dating relationship with. 

Pelletier allegedly was going through the victim’s property, and the alleged victim asked him to leave three times. 

On the third occasion, Pelletier grabbed a knife and threatened to kill himself before beginning to go through the victim’s belongings again. 

The victim reportedly kicked Pelletier to get him to leave, and Pelletier allegedly punched the woman in the stomach and choked her. 

Pelletier’s charges also allege that he was armed with a deadly weapon at the time of the incident and that it was a domestic violence crime. 

Toynbee imposed $25,000 bail, in accordance with a request from the Prosecutor’s Office.