Three Accused Heroin Dealers Charged After Separate Lewis County JNET Arrests

By Natalie Johnson /

Three men were arrested by detectives from Lewis County’s Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team in Centralia and Chehalis Wednesday on suspicion of possessing and intending to sell heroin.

The three suspects were charged Thursday in Lewis County Superior Court after being arrested in separate incidents.

Jonathan J. Kaye, 28, of Centralia, was charged with one count of possession of heroin with intent to deliver, six counts of second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and two counts of possessing a stolen firearm.

Lewis County Deputy Prosecutor Melissa Bohm asked for $100,000 bail for Kaye citing the allegations as well as seven prior criminal cases with warrants in Kaye’s history. 

Superior Court Judge Joely O’Rourke agreed to impose the amount, saying the combination of allegations of possession of drugs with intent to sell and illegal gun possession caused her concern. 

“When you combine these two together, it’s an extreme threat to community safety if proven true,” she said. 

O’Rourke also told Kaye she heard he was fighting in the jail before being brought up for his court hearing. She warned him against further disruptions. 

“If I hear something like that again, you’ll just be held without bail,” she said.  

Matthew Cole Gilmon, 24, of Chehalis, was charged Thursday with possession of heroin with intent to deliver.

Gilmon was granted $25,000 bail and is still in custody at the Lewis County Jail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday.

Logen K. Elliott, 20, of Pe Ell, was also charged Thursday with one count of possession of heroin with intent to deliver.

He was granted $10,000 bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday.

Gilmon was the first to be arrested Wednesday, according to court documents. 

JNET detectives and a state Department of Corrections Officer contacted Gilmon and arrested him on a DOC warrant Wednesday. 

When the DOC officer searched his room on Southwest Williams Street in Chehalis, he reported finding scales with heroin residue, clean and used plastic bags, $260 in cash and “a large amount of heroin” in a glass container.

The exact amount was not disclosed in court documents. 

After finishing at Gilmon’s residence, JNET detectives overheard a report on their radios of a disturbance involving drugs on Southwest Interstate Avenue in Chehalis. 

A person reported seeing a man in a vehicle with drugs in his lap. 

JNET detectives responded and found the vehicle with Elliott in the driver’s seat. Detectives reported observing a plastic bag with a brown substance later identified as heroin.

Kaye was the third to be arrested Wednesday. 

According to court documents, JNET detectives contacted Kay at his residence in Centralia and told him they heard from sources that he had guns and heroin. 

Kaye reportedly confirmed that he did and allowed detectives to search his house.

He has a prior conviction for unlawful imprisonment (domestic violence), which makes it illegal for him to possess firearms, according to court documents. 

Detectives reported finding heroin and methamphetamine in the home, although Kaye was not charged with possessing meth. In addition to about 20.5 grams of heroin, they reported finding six firearms, two of which were confirmed to be stolen, according to court documents. 

Detectives also reported finding scales with heroin residue, spoons with residue and plastic bags.

Kaye’s next court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.