Suspects Sentenced for Stealing Thousands of Dollars in Clothes, Alcohol in Centralia

By The Chronicle

Five Oregon residents charged in August with stealing thousands of dollars in alcohol and clothing in Centralia pleaded guilty to organized retail theft and were sentenced to confinement through electronic home monitoring.

Suspects Isaiah R. Campbell, 20, Johvanee A. Hall, 21, Latia D. McDaniel, 25,  and Jovahntea R. Hall, 21, all of Portland, Oregon, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count each of second-degree organized retail theft and were sentenced to 30 days that they can serve on electronic home monitoring.

A fifth suspect, Zariah Y. Torregano, 20, pleaded guilty to the charge and received the same sentence Oct. 12, according to court records. 

The suspects were arrested Aug. 27 after allegedly being caught stealing nearly $900 in alcohol from a Centralia store. 

A few days later, investigators executed a search warrant and discovered $1,000 pre-tax in stolen liquor from Centralia’s Safeway and another $180 pre-tax in alcohol stolen from Rite Aid. The vehicle also contained clothing suspected to be stolen from 10 retail stores, many of them in the same general area of the Centralia Outlets.