Space Heaters Cause Four Fire Deaths in Washington

House fires caused by space heaters have killed four Washington state residents recently, according to the state Fire Marshal’s Office.

In a press release, Fire Marshal Chuck Duffy uged Washingtonians to use space heaters safely during the winter months.  

“The use of space heaters increases during the colder winter months, we want residents to stay warm, but we also want them to be safe,” Duffy is quoted in the release.

The marshal’s office lists the following safety tips in its release:

• Place heaters on stable surfaces where they will not be knocked over;

• Never use an extension cord or power strip with space heaters;

• Keep combustible materials at least 3 feet away from heaters;

• Make sure plugs for heaters fit tightly into outlets;

• Do not use damaged heaters;

• Inspect heaters and cords before using;

• Follow instructions and maintain heaters;

• Do not leave operating heaters unattended or on while sleeping;

• If plugs, outlets or faceplates of heaters are hot, discontinue use and have an electrician check plugs and outlets;

• Make sure smoke alarms are working.