Sheriff’s Office: Two Rochester Men Bitten by Dogs During Dispute

Three dogs described as pit bulls are under investigation after allegedly attacking and biting two men and a fourth dog Saturday night in Rochester after a dispute between their owners, according to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident, which occurred Saturday night in the 11200 block of 180th Lane Southwest in Rochester, involved neighbors who “particularly don’t get along,” Lt. Tim Rudloff, of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Rudloff, after reviewing the responding deputy’s report, told The Chronicle the incident began when one resident, walking a small dog, walked over to his neighbor’s house and incited an argument.

One of the home’s residents came out and the two men began “arguing intensely,” Rudloff said. The second man’s wife then reportedly came out of the house and attempted to break up what she feared would soon be a physical fight, he said.

The first man, walking the small dog, then allegedly pushed her to the ground. The woman’s three dogs then reportedly rushed out of the house in an apparent attempt to defend the woman, and bit both men.

“They both get the heck bit out of them,” Rudloff said.

The man who owned the dogs reportedly tried to pick up his neighbor’s small dog to get it out of the fray, but the dog then disappeared, Rudloff said. Deputies are unsure of what happened to it.

The Sheriff’s Office did not get notification of the initial incident, he said.

“They all go back to their respective houses,” he said.

At that point, the wife of the first man walked to her neighbor’s house, instigating another disturbance. Deputies responded at 11:23 p.m., Rudloff said.

When deputies arrived, the four people declined to press charges. The two men both received medical attention for their bites.

“The deputy has referred this to animal services, because obviously it doesn’t matter how it went down, they still need to evaluate these pit bulls,” Rudloff said.

Alcohol was involved in the incident, he said.