Man Who Went Overboard on Mineral Lake Now Considered Missing Person

By The Chronicle

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office now considers a man who went overboard July 5 on Mineral Lake a missing person, rather than a drowning victim, Chief Deputy Bruce Kimsey told The Chronicle this morning.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office were dispatched at about 4 p.m. July 5 to a report of a drowning on Mineral lake. They arrived and contacted a 49-year-old woman in a boat who reported her companion went into the water and didn’t come back out.

The man, later identified as Gerald L. Harris, 54, of Mineral, was presumed to have drowned at the time.

Deputies searched the area and were unable to locate Harris or his body. They reportedly checked his residence and other locations in Mineral. The next day, the boating unit of the Sheriff’s Office conducted additional searches of the water.

On Friday, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team conducted additional searches with sonar technology.

Despite the clear water and use of the sonar, no evidence of Harris’s body was found, Kimsey said.

“We’re treating it as a missing person case,” he said.

Kimsey said the Sheriff’s Office is unsure if Harris entered the water then swam to shore.

No witnesses other than the 49-year-old woman have been located, he added.

“She was extremely intoxicated,” Kimsey said. “She had some issues trying to explain the story.”

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at 360-748-9286 or Lewis County 911 Communications at 360-740-1105.

7 Replies to “Man Who Went Overboard on Mineral Lake Now Considered Missing Person”

  1. yvette

    This man has been in my life since I was a little girl, he is my brothers father and he was a fisherman, an excellent swimmer and I believe the girlfriend knows more than what she is saying. This should be investigated further.

  2. Chantel

    There was foul play. Nothing makes sense and that girlfriend needs to be in custody. She can’t tell a straight story, she needs to be taken in until she can tell what exactly happened! He has kids and family who want answers.

  3. Kyle

    The police used sonar on the whole lake and sent divers out. No body found. More likely the guy is on the run from the police for punching his girlfriend and breaking her nose, then when he was arrested, he had meth on him. Since he had served 10 years in prison before for production and distribution of meth, he would be going back to prison for a very long time. Anyone who seen him at the campground could see how he behaved; no people skills at all and clearly was on some sort of drugs. He even got his ass beat by a local biker gang for talking sh@t. Meanwhile he kept his little drunk girlfriend pretty much prisoner. No cell service, no internet and not even a house phone. How much does a house phone cost? Like $30/month or less? She had no contact with the outside world. After they investigate the gf they should also investigate the family. They are rich and could easily hide him. Perhaps the whole drowning thing was a clever ruse to throw the authorities off and buy him some time to flee the country. If he is still alive then likely he is in contact with at least one family member.

    • Yvette

      Who do you think you are, this is not a joke. He didn’t keep anyone prisoner. The girlfriend did something to him and the truth will come out.

  4. Debra

    WTF, she is a drunk and druggy her self, all she has done is fight with him and cause problems, she has lied over and over to cops ,I’ve known Gerry for 25 years and we shared most of that together as a family , he did not give her a black eye she is lying as always ,she is staying drunk because of her guilt , Gerry would not hide out from his son ,daughter or family , she’s a piece of Shit and needs to tell the truth so his loved ones can no the truth ,this is a tragedy and hearts are torn .

  5. Chantel

    @Kyle, you sound ridiculous. First of all, there is a distinct current at the bottom of that lake like no other lake in Washington. It could have taken him anywhere, his body may not surface and could be under debris. Also, I’m sure you’re connected to the “girlfriend” somehow since you just know so much about them and are blaming Gerry for everything. Try getting facts…I have known this man since I was a young girl and he would not run. If he had meth on him then why the hell didn’t they detain him and how come his family never heard of this?
    “Has no people skills” Really? He has worked construction all his life…last time I checked you better have pretty damn good people skills to speak with clients, present them a bid and continue to work with them throughout the build of the project. How else did he keep business going for so long??
    Kept “the little girl prisoner”…haha…highly doubt that. I know for a fact that she was not held against her will. You clearly don’t know him very well or their relationship for that matter. I’ve been to Mineral with Gerry and his family and obviously everyone knows you don’t get service right by the lake; you have to drive down the street to get it. Who uses house phones anymore?
    How dare you talk this way!

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