Rochester Man Jailed After Police Find Guns, Drugs and Cash

By The Chronicle

Law enforcement officers recently arrested a man who allegedly admitted to being a drug “distributor” and possessing guns without a permit while being an illegal immigrant, according to court documents. 

Miguel Anguiano Gallardo, 36, of Rochester, was charged Thursday in Lewis County Superior Court with possession of methamphetamine with intent to manufacture or deliver, possession of methamphetamine and being an alien in possession of a firearm without a license.

The Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office requested that Superior Court Judge James Lawler impose $10,000 bail. 

However, Lawler doubled the amount to $20,000 and set Anguiano Gallardo’s next hearing for Sept. 7.

“Perhaps I have a little more concern than the state does on this,” he said.  

On Wednesday, officers working with a confidential informant set up a controlled drug buy with a suspected drug dealer. 

The suspected dealer reportedly led police to Anguiano Gallardo in Rochester. 

Detectives contacted Anguiano Gallardo, who reportedly allowed them to search his residence, according to court documents. 

Police reported finding two firearms in the living room and a plastic container with a “small amount of a crystal substance.”

They found another container with the substance in the kitchen.

A search of Anguiano Gallardo’s vehicle revealed approximately $1,840 in cash and four ounces of methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Officers found he was carrying an additional $1,460 when they arrested him. 

Anguiano then reportedly “admitted to being a distributor of controlled substances and detailed where he gets his supply from and how he transports it,” according to court documents.

He also allegedly admitted to being in the United State’s illegally, according to court documents.