Man Held on $50,000 Bail for Alleged Sexual Threat to Nursing Home Staff

By The Chronicle

A Centralia man was charged Monday in Lewis County Superior Court with allegedly threatening to sexually assault a woman who worked at the nursing home where he lived. 

Robert C. Neal, 51, was charged with third-degree assault with sexual motivation. 

Lewis County Court Commissioner Tracy Mitchell ordered Neal held on $50,000 bail pending future court hearings after an argument from the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office that the allegations presented a risk to community safety. 

According to court documents, the Centralia Police Department responded Monday to a complaint of harassment. A person reported Neal threatened to kill staff members who he listed by name. 

“At this time, the state does not have sufficient information as to who was threatened to file charges,” according to court documents. “However, several of the staff feared the defendant would carry out the threat.”

A staff member of the nursing home also reported that on Sunday Neal accused her of “giving him lip” and said he “would teach her some respect,” according to court documents. 

She reported that Neal pinned her to a wall with his wheelchair and threatened to sexually assault her, which is the basis for the current assault charge.

Neal’s next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 30.