Longview Man Convicted of Raping Preteen Sister in Chehalis

A 19-year-old Longview man pleaded guilty Jan. 5 to first-degree rape and first-degree incest in an incident reported in 2016, in which the victim was reportedly his less than 12-year-old sister.

The Chronicle is not naming the suspect in order to avoid inadvertently identifying the victim.

The man’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Feb. 14 in Lewis County Superior Court.

According to court documents, he is facing a standard sentencing range of 120 to 160 months in prison for the first-degree rape charge and 26 to 34 months for the incest charge.

His sentencing is pending a review of his eligibility for the Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, in which a convicted sex offender could qualify for treatment in lieu of some of the imposed time in prison custody.

According to court documents, the incident was reported in March 2016.

Court documents list the date of the alleged offense as between February 2014 and February 2015.

A deputy interviewed the victim, who was 10 or 11 at the time of the alleged offense, according to court documents.

The girl reported that her brother, 16 at the time of the offense, threatened to tell their mother that she swore unless she had sex with him, according to court documents.