Listen LIVE / Local Scanner

Lewis County 911 Communications operates the central communication system for law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services within Lewis County. Scanner traffic is public record. NOTE: Streaming scanner frequencies have a 15-30 second delay, as a protective measure for law enforcement, during emergent situations.


What am I Listening to, Exactly?

Lewis County Sheriff / Fire, Centralia and Chehalis Police

LISTEN NOW: Click here to launch web player

*** Using a mobile device or smartphone? See our scanner radio app links at the bottom of this page.

Lewis County 911 Communications (Central Dispatch), including LCSO, local police agencies, fire departments / districts and EMS. Feed originates from The Chronicle, in Centralia, WA. * Feed provided by and The Chronicle (Centralia, WA). *

Centralia and Chehalis Fire / EMS Dispatch F2

Fire & EMS dispatch channels for Centralia, Chehalis and Lewis County, Washington. RedNet tactical channel is also included. Feed originates at the downtown Centralia fire station. Feed is provided by the Riverside Fire Authority.

Why Don’t I Hear Anything?

Periods of silence are normal, as there are moments where no one is transmitting, depending on the volume of calls, etc.

Listener Tip: The ‘County Web Player’ opens in a new window — leave it open or minimized while you use your computer.

*** Using a mobile device or smartphone? See our scanner radio app links at the bottom of this page.

What Are the Codes and Noises?

The loud tones you hear activate crews throughout the county (including County volunteers, etc.), depending on the location of the call, and which agency is being assigned to the call. Each district has a unique sequence of tones.

Listener Tip: BLS = Basic Life Support / ALS = Advanced Life Support

The more you listen, the more you’ll start to recognize the codes and understand the terminology.

Is Listening to Scanner Traffic Legal?

This is one of the most common questions that followers and readers ask us — and yes! Absolutely. These frequencies are public record. During emergent situations (SWAT deployment, etc.), law enforcement agencies have the option to move communications to dedicated tactical channels, which are not accessible to the general public.

Where Can I Find Out More?

If you have a specific question, or hear something you think we should know about, you can e-mail, or post on our Facebook page. If we don’t have an answer, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can answer your specific inquiry.

Listener Tip: If you’re using a mobile device, or are having problems utilizing the audio feed on your device / browser, you might need an app to find our feed. recommends the “Scanner Radio” app, by Gordon Edwards.

Android: Scanner Radio

iOS: Scanner Radio Deluxe

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