Lewis County Clerk’s Office Modernizes Jury Reporting Process

By The Chronicle

In the past, about 300 jurors county-wide were required to call in to the Lewis County Clerk’s Office each evening to learn whether they would be required to report for a trial the following morning. 

But the process was old-fashioned and created confusion, said County Clerk Scott Tinney.

“We have a lot of individuals who show up on the wrong day,” he said. 

As of Oct. 16, jurors can now check reporting instructions on the Lewis County Clerk’s Office, Superior Court or District Court websites in addition to the phone messages.

Four panels of jurors — two each for Lewis County Superior and District courts — are selected each month to be on call for jury duty. They are required to check in every evening after 6 p.m. to verify whether they’ll need to show up the following morning. 

Calling the clerk’s office message line, in addition to being prone to create confusion, was also time consuming, Tinney said. Jurors might have to wait several minutes before hearing their reporting requirements. 

The new reporting system is faster and simpler, Tinney said. 

“The whole idea of this is to make it less burdensome,” he said. 

To access the reporting instructions, go to lewiscountywa.gov/clerklewiscountywa.gov/superiorcourt, or lewiscountywa.gov/districtcourt and click on the “Jury Reporting Instructions” link.