Cow Dies After 20-Mile Pursuit by State Patrol on Interstate 5

By The Chronicle

An uncommon pursuit along Interstate 5 ended in the mysterious death of one unlucky black cow near Exit 88 at Grand Mound on Tuesday evening.

According to Washington State Patrol Trooper Brooke Bova, law enforcement responded to Interstate 5 after receiving numerous 911 calls reporting the presence of a cow on the freeway. Bova said that troopers pursued the animal for roughly 35 minutes. Altogether, the animal covered approximately 20 miles before it was wrangled near the Grand Mound freeway exit.

“It was in and out of traffic for quite some time, both north and southbound,” said Bova, who emphasised the traffic hazard created by the bovine’s presence. “Every time they tried to approach the cow it darted in and out of traffic.”

Bova said that troopers were eventually able to get a rope around the animal’s head, which they used to drag the cow off the road and tie it to a chain link fence where it died shortly thereafter. Bova said that troopers did not shoot the animal with a gun, tranquilizer or any other weapon and that the cause of death was unclear as of Wednesday morning.

Witnesses reported seeing three Washington State Patrol troopers standing over the apparently dead animal around 9:15 p.m.

“We notified animal control but they were unable to respond in time before the cow died,” noted Bova. “We don’t know exactly how it got loose. After it was all said and done we talked to the owners and the owners said it had been gone all day.”

Bova added that the cow’s owner arrived at the scene and removed the deceased animal.

“The owner is aware and is OK with the scenario and situation,” said Bova.