Chehalis JNET Raid Sought Evidence in Chehalis Tribal Center Burglary

By The Chronicle

Detectives from the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team responded in force Wednesday to a home in the 100 block of Southwest 6th Street in Chehalis seeking evidence related to a burglary reported recently at the Chehalis Tribal Community Center in Oakville, according to court documents. 

A chain saw, weedeater and a leaf blower were among items taken. 

Detectives traced one item to the Chehalis address after a suspect attempted to pawn the chain saw. 

The suspect said the saw came from the Southwest 6th Street address. 

While talking to a resident of the house, a detective reported seeing items including a weedeater, leaf blower and jumper box on the living room floor

One person, Stanley J. Hartman, 54, of Centralia, was arrested in the operation and charged Thursday with possession of methamphetamine. 

According to court documents, he said he knew the items were stolen and was trying to get in touch with the Chehalis Tribal Police.

He was not charged in the burglary in Lewis County Superior Court. 

The stolen items were seized by local police and turned over to tribal officers.