Centralia Man Accused of Dealing Drugs to Minors Acquitted on Separate Rape Charge

By The Chronicle

A Centralia man arrested last summer for allegedly involving a minor in drug dealing activity using a school-issued tablet was acquitted last month after a jury trial of an unrelated second-degree rape charge. 

Edgar Ramirez-Dado, 22, was arrested on June 6 after police learned of a $10 sale of marijuana through a Centralia Middle School-owned iPad. 

He was charged with involving a minor in drug dealing and possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. 

He was also arrested on a warrant for a second-degree rape charge filed in October 2016. 

In that case, the alleged victim told police she attended a party where she consumed a large amount of alcohol with her friend, according to court documents. She was introduced to Ramirez-Dado, who she accused of dragging her to one of the bedrooms by her arms. Two girls pulled her out of the room, but after a couple more shots of alcohol, the woman ended up in another room with Ramirez-Dado. 

She told police he raped her. 

The case went to trial on Nov. 6 and on Nov. 8 a jury returned a not-guilty verdict. 

Ramirez-Dado is still facing the drug charges, which are set to go to trial in January.