Cases Severed, New Trial Dates Set in Lewis County Illegal Marijuana Case

New court dates were set Thursday in the case of four people suspected of tending a marijuana grow in Lewis County estimated in value at $1.3 million that was raided late last year. 

In December 2016, four people — Chao Hui Tan, 27; Xiaohui Zhang, 21; Nianhua Chen, 46, all of Portland; and Mei Lan Su, 79, of Centralia — were all charged as co-defendants in Lewis County Superior Court with manufacture of marijuana.

Since then, the case has been progressing but hasn’t gone to trial. 

On Thursday, Tan, Zhang and Chen appeared in Lewis County Superior Court for omnibus hearings. Attorneys for Zhang and Chen asked to sever their case from Tan’s and set court dates after his trial. 

Superior Court Judge Joely O’Rourke granted the request. 

Tan’s trial is scheduled for Jan. 22, 2018.

Zhang and Chen are now scheduled to go to trial in April 2018.

Su’s trial is currently set for Jan. 29, 2018.