Alleged TV Thefts Lead to Felony Charges for Chehalis Man

A Chehalis man contacted by police at least five times in the past two weeks on suspicion of criminal trespassing and theft now faces three felony charges.

Max M. Dantzler, 25, was charged Tuesday with three counts of second-degree burglary for thefts that allegedly occurred on April 27, May 15 and Saturday. 

Dantzler was charged with second-degree burglary in these instances, rather than theft, because he had previously been banned from the businesses.  

In the April 27 incident, Dantzler is accused of shoplifting a television. According to court documents, on that day he walked into the Chehalis Walmart’s electronics section, took a TV and tried to walk out an exit. 

He was stopped by a greeter, but reportedly left unhindered out the second exit. 

In the May 15 incident, for which Dantzler was already charged and out on bail when he was arrested Saturday, Chehalis police officers responded at 12:50 a.m. to the 1600 block of Northwest Louisiana Avenue to a report of a man pushing a shopping cart full of televisions away from the Chehalis Walmart, according to court documents. 

When officers arrived, a security guard pointed out Dantzler, who was still near the building. Dantzler allegedly admitted to taking the televisions without paying for them. Two other people were identified as suspects in the theft. 

Dantzler was released on $10,000 unsecured bail after being charged in that case earlier this month, deputy Prosecutor Paul Masiello said. 

He asked for bail to be increased to $25,000 cash or bond on Tuesday, citing Dantzler’s arrest Saturday. Superior Court Judge Andrew Toynbee imposed $10,000 cash or bond. 

At about 11:35 p.m. Saturday, police responded to a reported shoplifter at the Chehalis Safeway on Market Boulevard. Officers noted that Dantzler fit the description of the suspect. 

In between the May 15 and Saturday incidents, Dantzler was cited on May 18, May 22 and May 24 for criminal trespassing in Chehalis.